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Car Air Conditioner Service

Murphy Automotive Ltd.'s expert mechanic offers car air conditioner services.
From our Wexford Garage, we offer a comprehensive range of professional air conditioning services that can include everything from an air con recharge to a full air conditioner anti-bacterial cleaning.*

Our Wexford garage is fully fitted with the very latest air con recharge equipment for a fast, effective and cost-efficient air con recharge.

Our garage is stocked with gas for both new car air conditioner systems and older car air conditioner systems.

Make sure your air conditioner system is operating at maximum efficiency, by scheduling a car air con recharge with Murphy Automotive Ltd. today.

*Anti-bacterial cleaning will incur an additional charge.

Book your car air con service by getting in contact with Murphy Automotive Ltd. today.

Why Do I need a Car Air Conditioner Service?

- Leak Detection
As standard, our car air conditioner service includes leak detection.
A leak in an air conditioning system can lead to a complete air conditioner system failure if not promptly found and repaired.

- Air Con Gas Recharge
An air conditioning system loses, on average, 10% of its refrigeration every year. Therefore it’s important to get your car air conditioner system serviced at least once a year.

- Prevents Expensive Repairs
Trapped humanity within a car air conditioner system can cause damage to a car’s engine leading to costly repairs.

To schedule your car air con service, get in contact with Murphy Automotive Ltd. today.

Car Air Conditioner Service FAQ